How difficult can it be?


How difficult can it be?

Well, it is more difficult than expected… Blogging.

Where are you talking about? That is not such a problem for me. Talking is one of my hobbies, especially when it comes to my profession! I really can’t stop talking about that.

But standing in front of a camera, looking straight into the lens and telling your story out loud, without anyone reacting… That’s a different story.

Do you stand or sit? A little movement during your story is also useful, so you don’t look like a robot who is finishing his story.

But if you move, ánd want to show something, ánd look straight into the camera with no one who reacts… And you also have to tell your story in a natural way. So without hiccups, too much “uh”, in a logic order. And then don’t forget what you wanted to say again…

And then the editing. Set the intro, background music, transitions and the sound recording in sync with the image.

Oh yes, and because I still talked quite a bit to the camera, which unfortunately does not tell me in time that it is all clear. And that my story doesn’t get any better, by making it even tougher, because otherwise we end up with a blog of 10 minutes… also cutting the footage a lot.

And then the final threshold. Posting the blog on social media … Being vulnerable.

Then I sometimes wonder, why am I doing all this?

Well, because I want to transfer my knowledge, because I think everyone should see the face of Food Dynamics.

Because Food Dynamics is not just an ordinary “consultant”, but a company that I am proud of!

Because I like to go the extra mile for my customers.

Because I like to challenge myself and because I think, that you regularly have to step out of your comfort zone, to arrive at different insights. So thats why!

So I keep practicing blogging, making myself vulnerable, sharing knowledge and showing that Food Dynamics also goes the extra mile for you!