Paradise: collaboration in innovation!

And I don’t mean that island, where the sun always shines and you just have to snap your fingers for a nice drink…

Smart innovation is collaboration, that’s paradise.

We, product developers, R&D and food technologists, always have enough product ideas! Fortunately … because we are daily responsible for the short and long-term innovation.

  • A good R&D person is inspired, has an open mind, does not think in terms of obstacles, but does see them.
  • R&D uses outside knowledge in time, to prevent the wheel to be reinvented, every new development.
  • R&D provides support to the organization.
  • R&D maps out the risks.
  • R&D knows all production lines, settings and their potential variables.
  • Ultimately, R&D ensures that ideas are turned into successful products.

But we have to achieve this together, because all employees within an organization have good ideas, knowledge and skills. It is up to R&D to utilize all of this, both inside and outside the organisation.

Nobody should be on their own island, because together we create that paradise!

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