The most common mistakes!


The most common mistakes in product development!

Well, where do I start. Maybe you recognize some of them in the video? But the tips I give you, will definitely help you!

Not compiling a schedule of requirements

Make an overview of the requirements that your product must meet. This can be of desired dimensions, weight, texture, claims as vegan or gluten-free or the way the product should be used. This makes it clear for yourself and prevents you from forgetting something and therefore having to add it later.

“Or in worst case scenario… you have to start all over again!”

Fly in and tell what’s wrong

R&D Team: “Okay…, the concept we’re presenting today is for the development of a faster breakfast, a kind off all-in-one package, where a serving of cereal…”

Criticism: “Merel, you don’t think that working parents are waiting for this, do you? Why a faster breakfast? And what about…”

Like that… don’t just fly in and tell what’s wrong. First, let the R&D team present the idea or concept and let them explain why they made certain choices and why they think the product meets the customer’s requirements. If to your point of view, the product does not meet the requirements, you can say this áfter the presentation, not before.

Not checking feasibility in time

Not all developments are feasible! Do you have doubts whether the product can be produced? Or about the availability of an ingredient? Check it in time with your colleagues from production, purchase or technical service. Do not wait with tests on a  larger scale. And avoid having to adjust anything later.

Or in worst case scenario…, you have to start all over again!

Make changes without double-checking the consequences

Often, during the development, changes have to made. This is not a bad thing, but by adjusting small details in a product, can have major consequences on the packaging or production. So always double check! And always communicate all changes, with the necessary departments and customers involved!