No-Waste Heroes


Dynamic Heroes

Food Dynamics has a social mission to prevent food waste. Merel Rijnen is a real no-waste Hero!

“An ugly cake, crooked bread or broken cookie can still be a good thing!”

Did you know that approximately € 1.4 billion of cake and pastry is produced in the Netherlands? And that an average of 1.5% of this product is wasted… with a total value of € 21 million ?!

Many products within the biscuit and pastry industry are rejected because of visual quality requirements. Failure of products with an incorrect weight, broken or skewed, cut edges, imperfect decorations, wrong foil or coding.

Much of this ends up in the animal feed industry. The failure may not be perfect in appearance, but it is of high quality and comparable to the ‘good’ product!

Fortunately, there are already a number of methods for giving outages a new chance.

Such as co-branding, where producer A has product loss, and producer B can use it as decoration on his end product. A part can be used as rework or resold to third parties without an A brand. Despite these solutions, there is still a large part that is not reprocessed.

There are stumbling blocks for producers that make the choice for the animal feed industry seem easier. For example different recipes, traceability and how does reprocessing remain financially attractive and production technically attractive?

Be a no-waste hero!

Knowledge is required for a good focus on no-waste. With Dynamics Heroes, Merel Rijnen offers practical solutions for product failure. Dynamic Heroes ensures that your product loss gets added value.

Be a Hero, stop food waste!