Snackmasters RTL4


“A Michelin star means nothing, but winning the final of Snackmasters?!”

Thus Chef Ron Blaauw…

In May 2021, I was called by Chef Ron Blaauw. “Hi Merel, Ron speaking, I participate in the program Snackmasters on television, RTL4. I understand from Robért van Beckhoven (Master Pastry Chef) that you are thé expert in the Netherlands, can you help me?”.

In the program Snackmasters RTL4, every week, 2  chefs are challenged to imitate an industrial product. Hamburgers, Mexicanos, bonbons and twisted marshmallows already passed. Chef Ron Blaauw endured them all and ended up in the final.

The challenge for the final was to imitate cocktail nuts, a product that requires quite a bit of technological knowledge. Food Dynamics was greatly honored as helpline, to help with this challenge. The various process steps, recipes and the functionalities of the raw materials were discussed by telephone.

And then the final, the jury assessed; “a nice crispy product, good colour, flavor is close…”. Chef Ron Blaauw wins!

Later Ron sends me his photo with the trophy. Chef Ron Blaauw, rightful and proud winner of Snackmasters!

And Food Dynamics? Yes! Super proud to contribute to the victory, as a helpline!

Do you also need a helpline? Don’t wait, and call!