Innovate succesfully


Successful innovation: how do you do that?

R&D projects are often initiated by customers. But by introducing a new innovation a few times a year, customers can be surprised and triggered, which will improve the relationship even more. Instead of development on demand, go for proactive innovation.

But how you do this? I will take you through the process of innovation.

Step 1 Diverge

Diverging, using brainstorming techniques: determine a theme or formulate a question in advance. For example theme’s like health, the seasons, choose a meal time or ease of use.

Or formulate a question such as: Which product tells the story well?

Stick to the following rules:

  • Postpone judgment, don’t criticize. Not on the ideas of others, but not on your own ideas either. All ideas are accepted and noted.
  • Strive for quantity and variety. Come up with as many ideas as possible. That will increase the chance of a great idea. Don’t give up too quickly.
  • Wild ideas are allowed and feel free to jump from one subject to another. Is it a bit chaotic? Fine.
  • Don’t get stuck in your own head. Hitch a ride on other people’s ideas.

Step 2 Converge

Converging, filtering the best ideas by means of a ranking, by means of buyer personas or by feasibility.

  1. You can rank by giving the ideas a mark from 1 – 10, where you value the ideas on various factors, such as innovation, eating time, story?
  2. A buyer persona is a description of the target group; age, interests, family composition, buying behavior, what are their concerns, etc. The ideas can be placed over the buyer persona’s. This gives you a clear view on which idea fits best.
  3. However, filtering can also be done on the basis of feasibility. Think of a program of requirements (POR), in which it is determined whether the product fits within the current quality policy, production options, etc..

Step 3 Mind mapping

Mind mapping. In this phase the selected ideas are further developed and improved.

The intention here, is to give the idea more insight: who would buy the product? What eating moment is the product suitable for? Is it a me or we product? How would you use it? Describe the product in texture, taste, appearance, etc..

Step 4 Development

Develop the selected products and idea’s on a small scale. Feasibility can be properly assessed and the product can be tasted.

But what is the most important thing in innovation? Having fun! Get together with your colleagues, have a snack and make it a party.

Lots of fun! Do you need help with any of these steps? Call or email Food Dynamics.